Police probe real estate cyber attack on Australian real estate digital firm | Herald Sun

Australian Information Security Incident Reported: July 7 2016

POLICE have launched an investigation into an unprecedented cyber attack against a booming digital real estate firm. The company attacked — Box+Dice — is suggesting it could have been launched by vested interests in the state’s multi-billion dollar housing ­industry.

The Herald Sun learned that late last year, cyber criminals illegally flooded the Albert Park-based firm’s networks — which handle online operations for about 3000 real estate agents — with millions of phony hits in order to crash the systems, in a technique commonly known as a “denial of service” attack.

Source: Herald Sun http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/police-probe-real-estate-cyber-attack-on-albert-parkbased-digital-firm/news-story/b2dc4d7a129819142acac4a2be18f4b8  

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