My initial purpose of this blog site was to store online and to share some of the information that I use in my Information Security activities. Since then this blog has changed, shrunk, morphed, grown more than originally planned, but it has been a useful process that has helped focus my career and studies.

This current version of the blog is now more focused on Australian Information Security News, as I have found the news media lacking providing Australian based news. I normally go to several news websites each day to see what is going on, so I now I collect these into one place for professional and research purposes. I hope you find it beneficial.

This is NOT a technical security site, it might mention SQL-Injection or DDoS Attacks in context of an incident but you will not find how to technically defend against them here. What you will find are the higher level Information Controls from a Information Security Management System (ISMS) relating to an incident or topic. If you need the more technical kind of service I know many good IT Security people in Brisbane who I would happily recommend based on your problem and budget.

My focus is on Governance, Risk and Compliance, taking a broader view of Information Security that ranges in areas such as: Information Management, Privacy, Awareness Raising, Cyber Law, Human Resources, Advocacy, Social Media, e-Safety, and with a bit of moderate Social Justice.

Please note all of the usual disclaimers apply.

You are more than welcome to comment and to contribute; all contributions will be acknowledged and linked if requested.

Be Safe, not too safe” –  Steve…K.

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