My initial purpose for this blog site was to store online and to share some of the information that I use in my Information Security activities. Since then this blog has changed, shrunk, morphed, grown more than originally planned, but it has been a useful process that has helped focus my career and studies.

This current version of the blog is now more focused on Australian Information Security News, as I have found the news media lacking providing Australian based information security news. Some major news sites don’t even have Security as a category, or they only have one or two stories a month. I normally go to several news websites each day to see what is going on, so I now I collect these into one place for professional and research purposes. I’m a bit obsessed with metadata (structure, give me structure…) as you might tell by the Categories and Tags on each post. I hope you find it beneficial.

The Australian InfoSec Incidents are only stories that have hit the press. I will not and do not post on insider information about incidents. My only comment is the incidents that hit the press are the tip of a rather large iceberg.

My focus is on information security Governance, Risk and Compliance (isGRC), taking a broader subject view that covers areas such as: Information Management, Privacy, Awareness Raising, Cyber Law, Human Resources, Advocacy, Digital Death, Social Media, e-Safety, Digital Rights, and People.

You are more than welcome to comment and to contribute; all contributions will be acknowledged and linked if requested.

Please note all the usual disclaimers apply.

Be Safe, not too safe” –  Steve…K.

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