While in the initial phase of developing this resource site there will be many changes to structure before any content is added. Also there is a move to WordPress 6 in May which should make life more interesting.

The general aim is to share news, tips, resources and a few discussions with an Australian focus on Information Security GRC topics. Covering categories like ISMS/ISO 270XX, APP/GDPR, PSPF/ISM/DISP/IRAP, and state/local standards. Initially there will be a bias towards ISO 2700XX and Queensland because that’s my day job but in the Federal space you can’t ignore the ISM especially for PROTECTED information.

I use the term information security in the broad sense which I see as a subset of Information and Data Management, and just to spark some outrage I see cyber security as a subset of information security. For me it comes down to the areas of focus.

My other professional interest is Australian Information and Cyber News and Incidents for the purpose of raising awareness to the business community. That site can be found at https://kirbyIDau.com/

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